Reproductive Resources for American Women

My original full post can be found on my blog, but felt I should share part of it here as well in case it is helpful to more women in need of these resources.

I have spent the last few days in a furious rage about the horrific decision from the supreme court that negatively effects half of the American population, puts the lives of countless women and girls in danger, and has us sliding back in time in America. So let’s lay it out and share resources for next steps — and in the words of Gloria Steinem: “There is no democracy without the right to chose”.

Other’s have written eloquently about what this means for the future of women, the US and democracy, what comes next, and most importantly — RESOURCES to share.

RESOURCES (will keep adding, and finding more help networks. Most of this list comes from Forward Midfery)




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Carrie A. Mitchell

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