Travel Oracles Podcast: Redux

We’re back: Learning through one story at a time. Conversations with global women on their lives through a lens of adventures in travel, culture and career. Join host Carrie A. Mitchell (Writer, Author, Broadcaster, Executive, Entrepreneur, Travel Enthusiast) with a special weekly Travel Oracles guest as they reminisce about impactful moments, unique perspectives and amusing adventures near and far.

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UPDATED: Recent conversation on the travel podcast include:

Travel Oracles Ep 11: Noël in the USA and Italy

Travel Oracles Ep 10: Hollie in NYC and the Middle East

Travel Oracles Ep 9: Alison in California and Europe

Travel Oracles Ep 8: Edna in Thailand

Travel Oracles Ep 7: Marsha in Spain and California

Travel Oracles Ep 6: Brooke in Australia and South Africa

Travel Oracles Ep 5: Smitha in India

Travel Oracles Ep 4: Road Trip USA

Travel Oracles Ep 3: Lauren in Los Angeles

Travel Oracles Ep 2: Cidonie in Australia

Travel Oracles Ep 1: Cassandra in Italy



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Carrie A. Mitchell

Carrie A. Mitchell

Media & Communications Leader. Founder, Writer, Author, Podcaster. Musings on travel, culture & media +